17:00 - Breaking 6-8 years
16:15 - Kids dance 3-5 years
17:00 - Hip Hop/Commercial 13-15 years
17:00 - Hip Hop 9-12 years
18:00 - Breaking 9-12 years
17:05 Kids dance 6-8 years
18:00 - Hip Hop/Commercial 16+
18:00 - House 16+
19:00 - Afrobeat 13-15 years
18:00 - Groove Class 16+
19:00 - House 13-15 years
19:00 - Choreo Class 13-15 years
20:00 - Afrobeat 16+
19:00 - Contemporary 16+
20:00 - Groove Class 25+
20:00 - Choreo Class 16+
20:00 - Contemporary 25+



Afrobeat originates mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa and is based on Afrobeat music, it is created from traditional African dance styles.


The original hip hop dance style, out of New York. Breaking, is a powerful and acrobatic dance, that largely consists of floor work, freezes and a combination of basic steps


This class alternates between classical dance steps, rhythm exercises and small series to upbeat and fun music. This ensures there is room for princesses, superheroes, ballet dancers, ninjas, etc.

Choreo Class:

A dynamic mix of steps and movements inspired by hip hop and commercial styles where the focus will be on technique, choreography and professional performance.


A powerful combination of elements from several dance genres, such as modern, jazz and classical ballet.

Groove Class:

With a constant flow of foundational steps, primarily inspired by Hip Hop and Street Dance cultures, this class is both fundamental, fun and good cardio training.

Hip Hop:

One of the most coveted dance styles across the globe. Hip Hop dance is performed to hip hop music and is part of an entire culture. It is created in New York, and inspired by breaking, pop, locking and street dance cultures.

Hip Hop/Commercial:

A fiery performance focused class with steps and combinations that vibrate with TV, movies and stage energy.


This club dance is performed to rhythmic and bass-heavy electronic house music, while playing with rhythms and variations of steps.