House of Momentum founder and teacher. Has taught for 15+ years, danced / choreographed various productions for i.a. Universal Music and Go ’Morgen / Aften Danmark, as well as several TV and live appearances for artists such as Den Gale Pose, KNA, Alex, Johnson, Sys Bjerre, Wafande, Kato and others.


House of Momentum founder and teacher. Has taught for 15+ years, known from “So You Think You Can Dance” as “Professor Lock”, Hood Lockers YouTube and TedTalk. He has judged, danced and hosted countless battles / events, choreographed into plays, danced in misc. TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, Danish Music Awards and others. He performed for Madonna and was a regular choreographer for the Danish Christoffer.


House of Momentum teacher. An absolutely fantastic dancer who captures her audience from the first movement. A blessed dancer whose CV radiates with names such as Djämes Braun, Nabiha, MØ, Medina etc.


House of Momentum teacher. If you love the last scene in the movie “DRUK”, where Mads Mikkelsen dances around, you can come down and thank Olivia for the great work. She is both a fantastic choreographer and dancer and has a long CV filled with names like Faustix, Jada, Carpark North, Fallulah etc.

VIVIAN Põldoja

House of Momentum teacher. Has appeared on a number of stages, which include Alvin Ailey, In New York, and The Circus Revue. She has a background in both Modern, Jazz and Musical and teaches Contemporary. Educated on Broadway, CPH Contemporary Dance School, Oslo National Academy of the Arts & The Danish National School of Performance Arts.


House of Momentum teacher. Colosal Titan, also called Rash or Rash Sensei, is a versatile dancer, originally from DR Congo. In 2013, he toured Denmark, with his own story and Congo’s political situation, through dance. He has won several professional breakdance battles, taught countless places in both Breaking and Aphrodite, as he is an exceptionally good dancer and teacher.


House of Momentum teacher. The new powerhouse of her generation’s strong and fiery dancers in the industry. Ciara originally comes from Holbæk, but after participating in “The Greatest Dancer, DK“, she’s been on the move between venues and video shoots, dancing for Jada, LOC, Martin Jensen, Bro, Jimilian and others.


House of Momentum teacher. An incredibly versatile and insanely skilled newly trained dancer. Lulu has quickly become one of the most used dancers at the moment and has, among others, danced for Jada, Infernal and Topgunn. She is also seen in TV productions such as X-Factor, Denmark has Talent and DMA.


House of Momentum teacher. Local dancer who loves to dance with the little ones. She has been teaching children for several years, as well as choreographing and appearing in several local musicals.